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Extended Validation (EV) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)  Certificate Resources

AOTA Endorses EV SSL Certs, issues call to action for adoption (Press Release Jan 15, 2007)

Extended Validation Certification Adoption Grows 25% - In just two months since AOTA issued a recommendation and call to action, adoption of EV SSL Certificates has risen nearly 25% fast approaching 5,000 leading banking and ecommerce sites.  While EV certificates are not designed to counter web exploits such as malware or cross site scripting (XSS) exploits, they are proven to increase consumer confidence and ecommerce ROI.   There is no silver bullet for security, and brand owners must adopt multiple best practices, including email and brand authentication and domain monitoring.  AOTA stands behind EV certificates and promotes adoption as a key tool to help the entire online trust ecosystem.

Industry & Business Resources

CA/B Forum   l   CA/B Forum EV SSL Specifications & Guidelines

Entrust EV SSL Certificates - Understanding SSL Security


Protecting Your Name on the Internet, The Business Benefits of Extended Validation SSL Certificates -

Merchant Risk Council

Business Value of EV Certs (provided by Microsoft Corporation - draft)
Implementation Guide to EV Certs (provided by Microsoft Corporation)

Maximizing User Trust with EV SSL (VeriSign)
Upgrading to EV SSL Certs - Windows XP Clients (VeriSign)

Browser Solutions Supporting EV SSLs

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

Firefox 3, Beta 2 (EV SSL support planned for Beta 3)

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