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Authentication, Identity & Reputation - Building Online Trust


DAY 1   |   DAY 2

Day 2 - Thursday, April 19 - General Sessions - Grand Ballroom



Speaker (s)

7:00 - 8:30

Breakfast, Registration & Solution Showcase - Constitution Ballroom


Grand Ballroom

Opening Remarks - Day 1 Recap - Pulling it together
Top 10 Recommendations & Lessons Learned

Presentation 1662 KB PDF

Craig Spiezle
Executive Director, AOTA
Director, Microsoft Corporation


How to Fry A Phish & protect your brand domain & infrastructure
Evolving technologies and countermeasures.  Learn the latest solutions to catch a phish in the act and protect consumer trust and your brand.  Session will discuss the role of browser and e-mail technologies as well as third party services for zero-hour identification of phish sites and steps to successfully "take-down" a phishing site. This session will provide prescriptive steps any business can take to protect their brand and how to work with law enforcement. A must attend session for brand managers, legal teams, online banks and ecommerce site owners.

Presentation 1274 KB PDF

Laura Mather
Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Mark Monitor

Jens Hinrichsen,
Product Marketing Manager, RSA

Rod Rasmussen,
Director of Operations, Internet Identity


Grand Ballroom
Keynote - Cyber security - How business, industry and government must work together.  Recognized worldwide as a leading expert on cyber-security and former Vice Chair of the President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, and as the Special Advisor for Cyberspace Security, Howard will share his insights into the challenges and opportunity leveraging firsthand experience from his distinguished career in law enforcement, defense and corporate security.

Note this session was a keynote. No handouts are available

Howard Schmidt
Former CSO Microsoft, CISO eBay &
White House Cyber Security Advisor
10:20-10:45 Break and Solution Demos - Constitution Ballroom

Grand Ballroom

Online Crime and Identity Theft – Following the Bits & Bytes
This session will provide a 360 degree view the status of online crime and exploits reviewing the recently released report from the Presidential Task Force on ID Theft and the FBI’s Internet Crime Report.  Speakers will share real world examples of tracking, investigating and bringing to justice online criminals and how business, ISPs, registrars, and law enforcement must work together to protect our critical infrastructure.

Presentation 1921 KB PDF

Scott Parsons
Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Dept of Treasury

Daniel Larkin
Chief Cyber Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Sana Coleman Chriss, Attorney
Federal Trade Commission
Marketing Practices Division


Lunch - Solution Demos - Constitution Ballroom

Day 2 - Thursday, April 19 - Afternoon Breakouts

Grand Ballroom


Reputation - Building on Authentication.
Email authentication is the first step in combating online fraud and e-mail abuse.  Adding reputation to known senders reputation can enhance deliverability of legitimate email, reduce false positives and significantly increase the spam catch rate. This session will discuss how IP and Domain reputation work and steps to take to keep and maintain a good reputation.

Presentation 1663 KB PDF

John Scarrow
General Manager, Microsoft Corporation

George Bilbrey
General Manager, Return Path

Warren Adelman
President and COO of GoDaddy


Republic Ballroom


Confident Consumer Connections
Building Trust with Extended Validation Certificates
Learn now the EV SSL certificate program created by the industry wide Certificate Authority/Browser forum is providing ecommerce sites and consumers an enhanced level of trust, boosting user confidence in online transactions.  A key session for brand owners and web developers.

Presentation 2171 KB PDF

Dave Bossio
Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Karim Noorali
Sr. Product Manager, eBay

Jay Schiavo
Sr. Product Manager, VeriSign


Independence Ballroom


Future of Email Part II
Permission Based Marketing - ESPC Survey
A key to the integrity of e-mail marketing is user's ability to get mail they want and at the same time to get off lists they do not.  This session will provide an overview of latest research outlining opting-out.  Session will also discus global perspectives and legislation that all e-mail marketers need to understand. 

Presentation 1743 KB PDF

Trevor Hughes
Executive Director, ESPC & IAPP


Grand Ballroom

360 Degree View - Real World Authentication
Protecting the Customer, User & Enterprise
Great you are authenticating your outbound e-mail, but what about protecting your infrastructure and employees?  This session will provide an overview of lessons learned from the deployment of Sender ID / DKIM and the importance of integrating inbound authentication.  Session will provide an overview of how inbound authentication is helping to detect and block malicious e-mail and zero-day exploits.

Presentation 2084 KB PDF

Paul Judge - Moderator
CTO, Secure Computing

Glenn  Blinckmann
Senior Consultant - nfrastructure
New York State Office for Technology

Karim Noorali
Sr. Product Manager, eBay

Mike Chadwick
VP Technology,


Republic Ballroom

The Desktop - First or last line of defense?
Protection and prevention of online threats via email authentication is great, and prevention at the browser is fantastic but what about the unprotected PC?  This session will share data on the status of the protected PC and the steps every business and consumer should be taking to protect their employees and PCs and how to extend best practices to their banking and ecommerce consumers.

Presentation 2336 KB PDF
Ryan Hamlin
General Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Ken Schneider
VP, Fellow Symantec Corporation

Independence Ballroom


ISP Feedback Loops & Unsubscribe
As reputation is becoming critical for e-mail deliverability, the ability for users to confidently unsubscribe from your e-mail vs. reporting your e-mail as spam is a business critical issue.  What does unsubscribe mean to the user and how can they help senders and receiving networks?

Presentation 1534 KB PDF

Josh Baer - Moderator
CTO, Datran Media

Eric Castelli
CTO and Co-Founder, Lashback

Brian Holdsworth
Sr. Product Planner, Microsoft


Afternoon Break and Solution Demos - Constitution Ballroom


Grand Ballroom

Deliverability Boot camp - Postmaster Services 
Marketers, Users and network operators continually try to balance the deliverability of legitimate and desired email while protecting the inbox from spam and "gray" e-mail.  This interactive session will share insights, best practices and tools to help marketers improve deliverability, monitor customer complaints, enhance their reputation while improving end-user customer satisfaction.

Presentation 901 KB PDF

Mike Jones
Director Anti-Spam Operations, AOL

Suresh Babu
Product Unit Manager, Windows Live Hotmail

Jay Opperman
Directory of Privacy & Security, Comcast


Republic Ballroom

Build Trust, Boost Your Shopping Cart
Learn how leading third party accreditation solutions from Goodmail, Habeas, ReturnPath's SenderScore and Message Systems can optimize your e-mail open rates, click through and fill your shopping carts. What are the pros and cons and impact to your ROI?  This session will share customers case studies and lessons learned for marketers and ISPs alike.

Presentation 1603 KB PDF

Rebecca Lieb (moderator)
Executive editor - ClickZ Network


Kimberly Reckner
American Red Cross (Goodmail)


Greg Tseng
CEO Tagged, Inc. (SenderScore)

Sal Tripi
Dir. of Operations
Publishers Clearing House (Habeas)

Ed O'Neill
VP, Technical Services, Dice Inc.
(Message Systems)


Independence Ballroom


International Spam & Phish Fighters
Data aggregation can be used to combat spam and phishing in real-time or to take legal action.  Spamhaus will discuss techniques used to identify spammers and will share how their blacklists and RBL data can help protect corporate and ISP networks.  ECO the German ISP association, will provide an update on SpotSpam the European Union initiative created to facilitate legal action against spammers.  This session will discuss methodologies for collecting evidence and the complexities about data sharing with law enforcement agencies.  Attendees will obtain an understanding of international efforts, how such data can decrease spam hitting their inboxes and aid in bringing spammers to justice.

Presentation 1551 KB PDF

Michael Levin - Moderator
Chief Security Officer
UCG/United Communication Group
Retired Secret Service / Homeland Security

Richard Cox
CIO, Spamhaus

Sven Karge, Director
ECO - German ISP Association

Grand Ballroom


Insights Vision and Predictions - Movers & Shakers Roundtable
Executive summary from leading technical, industry and marketing visionaries.  Hear their recommendations and predictions.  This session promises to be entertaining, enlightening and engaging.

Presentation 487 KB PDF

AOTA Closing Remarks & Prize Drawings**

Ileana Armstrong
Editor SC Magazine, Moderator

Josh Baer - CTO Datran Media
Michael Della Penna - CMO, Epsilon
Ryan Hamlin - GM, Microsoft Corporation
Ken Schneider - VP-Fellow, Symantec

Day 1 - Wednesday, April 18

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